Hiking around a reservoir in West Hartford

How am I supposed to make the bed when this guy looks so comfortable?

Latergram from meeting my sister in Boston Labor Day weekend

My best attempt yet at pepperoni pizza (gluten-free Chebe mix). Ptoley approves.

This is our "Swiss cheese box." I keep the cat toys in it; it's good for the cats to reach in and grab the toy they want. This morning I dropped a few treats in there, as I occasionally do. After all the treats had been retrieved, Copper lay down with his head on the box, just in case.

I was so eager to use my new pocket dip dishes from CB2 that, rather than sprinkling the chicken with sliced almonds, I served them on the side. It was everything I'd hoped it would be; the dip dishes fit perfectly on my gently sloping "restaurant bowl" dishes!

This is love: Alan spent all day Friday helping me tidy the house in preparation for our first dinner party. #augustbreak2014

10pm delivery for my Three-Day Novel competitor

This soft, cuddly guy just jumped up into my lap. #augustbreak2014

Something new: this morning a gas line was run from the street to our house! No more $900.00 deliveries of heating oil for us! #augustbreak2014

Copper in the morning light #augustbreak2014

#augustbreak2014 little = "small", i.e. small steps and small victories. Continuing on my theme from yesterday, I can be an all-or-nothing person. Today I moved a few small stacks of books to the living room. It's a small step towards the calm, orderly home I so desire.