Birthday bowling with TN family

My grandma's cat Moe Moe Kitty

My super-talented sister just made this tote bag (she designed the pattern this afternoon)

Question: can two large cats fit into one extra-small dog carrier?  Answer: sorta...

Another chebe-crust pizza, this time with barbecue chicken, balsamic onions, and sweet cherry peppers

The remains of dinner tonight, on a gluten-free chebe crust, inspired by the leek & asparagus pizza on @tracyshutterbean's blog

I love my Wald folding baskets!

Oh no! Copper just climbed into my lap. How will I ever get up to go to Crossfit in five minutes?!

LED lightbulbs are on sale at Home Depot.  Now we can replace all the bulbs in our new house!

Drawing exercise from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"

The cats were intrigued by the squeaking sound coming from Katherine.

Cats snuggling in front of the fire.