Something new: this morning a gas line was run from the street to our house! No more $900.00 deliveries of heating oil for us! #augustbreak2014

Copper in the morning light #augustbreak2014

#augustbreak2014 little = "small", i.e. small steps and small victories. Continuing on my theme from yesterday, I can be an all-or-nothing person. Today I moved a few small stacks of books to the living room. It's a small step towards the calm, orderly home I so desire.

Organizing this cabinet that I just installed last night is bringing back memories of when I used to have things together. Five years ago I got married, started law school, and moved into the house with no closets. It's taken me time to negotiate my relationship with Alan's stuff, and we've moved twice in the last year. Now we're settled, and I'm organizing. I feel like my old self, and it feels wonderful ️#augustbreak2014

Sometimes simple adornment is my fav: ponytail, gold studs, initial "e" necklace. #augustbreak2014

Tea for one with some of my treasures: my Marimekko teapot, my Le Creuset honeypot, and the handmade mug from Japan given to me by @oneleafy! #augustbreak2014

Black and white for #augustbreak2014: a pay phone inside a Subway restaurant

Looking down after my morning walk. #augustbreak2014 P.S. The prompt "look down" has had me humming Les Mis all day!

Snapped this pic of a /blue/ sign on my bike ride home from work today. I just noticed that it's a "laundrymat" not a laundromat! #augustbreak2014

This morning, for #augustbreak2014, I repeated my favorite exercise from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"--drawing a foreshortened hand with the help of a piece of glass.

A few days ago I shared one of my favorite weekend necklaces. This is one of my favorite work necklaces. It's lovely with a gray suit dress.

This is an #augustbreak2014 two-fer. My indulgence is to clear off my work desk (table) every day, several times a day. I am alone amongst my colleagues in this, and it is my guilty pleasure.